Each module is supervised by a module coordinator who is directly responsible for organizing the module, invite external speakers and make sure that the mosule is running smoothly. Coordinators are supported by deputy coordinators in certain modules. The faculty in each module are all experts in their fields.



Module Title Coordinator Deputy Coordinator
MBNA-101 Introduction to the Molecular and Genetic Basis of Human Diseases – Introduction to Basic research Methodology Dimitris Kardassis, PhD Giorgos Goulielmos, PhD
MBNA-102 Graduate Lab Irene Dermitzaki, PhD
MBNA-103 Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases Vassilis I. Zannis, PhD Dimitris Kardassis, PhD
MBNA-104 Autoimmune/Autoinflamatory/Infectious Diseases Panos Verginis, PhD Prodromos Sidiropoulos, MD/PhD
MBNA-105 Cancer Aris Eliopoulos, PhD
MBNA-106 Neuropsychiatric Diseases Ioannis Zaganas, MD/PhD
MBNA-107 Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells Helen Papadaki, MD/PhD Charalambos Pontikoglou, MD/PhD
MBNA-108 Biostatistics, Clinical Methodology and Epidemiology Giorgos Bertsias, PhD Ioanna Moschandreas, PhD
MBNA-109 Presentations of original papers and writing of a research proposal- Research ethics and laboratory safety Christos Tsatsanis, PhD