Dear colleagues, students and friends,

On behalf of the editorial team, I would like to welcome you to ARISTEIA, the e-Newsletter of the Graduate Program “The Molecular Basis of Human Diseases” of the University of Crete Medical School.

In this Newsletter, which is published electronically once a year and is posted in our web site, we summarize the highlights of the various activities of our program during the past year such as teaching, research, meetings, graduations, awards as well as news. In the section “Meet our students” we are hosting interviews with graduate students who share with us their experience from the graduate program. In the “Meet our faculty” section we are hosting profiles of new members of the program who bring their expertise and their enthusiasm. Summaries of the many excellent papers that were published by our faculty and students in top journals the past year are summarized in the section “Research Activities”.

I hope that you enjoy reading our Newsletter and I wish you all a rewarding and productive academic year.

Dimitris Kardassis, PhD



Editorial Team of ARISTEIA:

Dimitris Kardassis, PhD

George Bertsias, MD/PhD

Aris Eliopoulos, PhD

Sotiris Kampranis, PhD

Christos Tsatsanis, PhD

Vanna Zachariou, PhD

Vassilis I. Zannis, PhD

Mary Adamaki


All past issues of ARISTEIA can be found in the Newsletter Archives section.